Sign up as an Amazon Associate

Associates earn commissions by using their own websites to refer sales to To get a commission, an Associate must have an Associate tag. The Associate tag is an automatically generated unique identifier that you will need to make requests through the Product Advertising API.

When you register for the Product Advertising API, note the following:

  • You must register for Amazon Associates before you sign up as a Product Advertising API developer. The Product Advertising API returns an error if you are not a registered or a valid Amazon Associate.

  • You can only use the Product Advertising API for the marketplace that you registered for as an Amazon Associate. For example, if you are an Amazon Associate in the US marketplace, you can't access the Product Advertising API in the UK marketplace if you are not an Amazon Associate in the UK.

To sign up as an Amazon Associate

  1. Using the following Locale reference table, choose the Amazon Associates URL for the locale that you want.
  2. Follow the instructions to create an Amazon Associates account. One of the requirements for becoming an Associate is that you provide the URL of your site. If your site is not yet public but you want to test against the API, you must still provide a URL during registration.
  3. After the sign up process, an Associate tag is sent to you in email. When you sign in to Amazon Associates for your locale, the home page shows your email and Amazon Associate tag.
  4. The following example is an Amazon Associate tag for the US marketplace (

Your Amazon Associates tag works only in the locale in which you register. If you want to be an Amazon Associate in more than one locale, you must register separately for each locale.

Locale Reference

Locale URL
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States

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