Product Advertising API supports the following operations:

Operation Name Description
GetBrowseNodes Lookup information for a Browse Node
GetItems Provides item attributes, offer listings, images, and other details for a given item
SearchItems Searches for items on Amazon based on keywords
GetVariations Returns variations for an item i.e. a set of items that are the same product, but differ according to a consistent theme, for example size and color


Resources determine what information will be returned in the API response. Each operation can request only certain resources. For details on what all resources are valid for a particular Product Advertising API operation, see Operations.

Product Advertising API supports following the high level resources:

High Level Resource Description
BrowseNodeInfo Returns browse node information associated with an item
BrowseNodes Returns browse node information associated with a Browse Node for a GetBrowseNodes request
Images Returns image URLs for an item in various sizes
ItemInfo Returns item information (Title, Brand, Description, etc.) for an item
Offers Returns offer information (Price, Availability, Savings, etc.) for an item
ParentASIN Returns the parent ASIN for an item.
SearchRefinements Returns dynamic search refinements for a search request
VariationSummary Returns summary for the GetVariations operations

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